General Creative

Below, you’ll find several graphic design examples for both print and digital.  Examples range from trade show signage and backdrops to flyers, posters, and digital ads.

Logo Designs

Here are some examples of logos I’ve created for companies, brands, products and events.

Graphic Illustrations

After creating a few family caricature illustrations as Christmas gifts many years ago, I’ve grown to love graphic illustration through programs such as Sketch and Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Mosaics

Hover your mouse over the images below to see these mosaics a little closer. 
• Another one of my favorites is of a Haitian orphan named Elijiah.  His photo is build up from a collection of photos taken on my first trip to Haiti back in 2012.
• The wedding photo is compiled of symbolic words, places, dates and other meaningful phrases about the couple (my wife and me).

image mosaic, Eli from Haiti
wedding text image