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Brand Awareness // Corporate Identity

Corporate branding extends far beyond consistent aesthetics of deliverables; it is an established voice and tone for your company that aligns with your core values and company culture. Your brand needs to authentically showcase who you are in the marketplace.

Your brand is how your customers view you. Want an inside look? Read your Google reviews.

Marketing Strategies // Corporate Initiatives

Strategic planning is imparitive to a successful campaign. Identify your goals, understand your ‘why,’ sell your vision, execute methodically, and evaluate your ROI. It is SMART to structure your efforts via tried-and-true methods:

  • S – Specific: Specifically identify your goal(s), and the resources you will need to achieve a successful outcome.
  • M – Measurable: Define your measurement of success so you can definitively evaluate your achievements and progress.
  • A – Achievable: Your goals should be challenging, but still need to be achievable given the resources available.
  • R – Relevant: Confirm that efforts are worthwhile and the goals set align with corporate objectives.
  • T – Timely: Identify a timeline with a target completion date and milestones along the way.

Content // Creation and Execution

Content generation requires outside-of-the-box thinking, creative story-telling, and an analytical approach. It starts with identifying your target audience, understanding their general means of communication, and knowing where they are in the sales funnel.

Now that we know who we’re communicating to and how they receive information, we connect with them through content that invokes engagement, provokes thought leadership, and highlights our corporate value proposition.

Direct prospects to a call-to-action and measure success/engagement through proper analytics.

Connection // Omni-Channel

In the age of digital marketing, connecting with your customers has never been easier. It’s so easy, in fact, that anyone can do it and everyone is doing it. The challenge now is competing in the appropriate communication channels so your message is heard, understood, remembered, and acted upon.

Properly categorizing each customer segment into the appropriate communication platform allows you to leverage your content across all channels and maximize effectiveness. When diversifying your reach, it is important to connect your efforts by funneling the call-to-action to the desired next step – qualifying leads and converting prospects into customers!

Providing educational selling resources that position your company as the industry leader will bridge the gap between consumer pain points and company solutions.

ROI // Sales Support

With detailed analytics built into nearly every marketing platform, measuring success has never been easier. Through strategic planning and proper analysis, you can monitor the touch-points of your customers, navigation, demographics, online behaviors, channel origin, engagements, conversions, and so much more, all the way through purchase/enrollment/inquiry.

Analytics are only as useful as the learnings you take away from your efforts. Understanding behaviors, successes, and failures allow you to adjust your efforts moving forward with higher returns on your investments. A/B testing, for example, enables decisions to be made based on data-insight over asumptions.

Automation, drip campaigns, and remarketing are valuable tools in driving sales, following up throughout the sales funnel, and reminding customers of why they should do business with you.