think beyond f&b selling


The ‘Why Not?’ campaign was developed for Fishman’s Architect, Design & Facility Consultants to spark customer interest for many of our overlooked, or underperforming products.  ‘Why Not’ engages customers to think twice about alternative product specifications, and suggests additional products to be introduced that prevent potential installation risks.

I managed the ADF Team in drafting creative content and developing appropriate material.  We developed beautiful custom leather ‘Clipfolios’ to hand out as initial gifts and introduce the campaign.  In addition, we continue to create ‘Why Not?’ cards in traditional print as well as digital renders for social media posts. These continued efforts provoke relevance, consistency, and engagement.

‘Why Not?’ Cards & Clipfolio

The Clipfolio is a beautifully made leather portfolio customized with a Bear Clip on the front and a monochromatic gloss finish logo screen-printed on the back.  The ‘Why Not?’ cards are printed double-sided with each ADF Consultants’ individual contact information on the back below the area for notes.

Word Collage

As a team, we came up with appropriate words that speak to the image of Fishman Flooring Solutions.  I collected this list of words and created a word collage to be the backdrop of the ‘Why Not?’ cards.