At Fishman Flooring Solutions, it was apparent that our website has fallen victim of the ever-evolving world of technology.  With over 35,000 SKU’s and a library full of industry information, our site became cluttered and confusing.  Fully aware that our customers looked to us as a resource in their daily routines, it was necessary for us to invest toward a cleaner look with a simpler, faster, and more effective way of finding the information that they need.

Through the duration of this project, I managed an internal team to construct efficient navigation and functionality of our website, managed an outside team with the design and overall aesthetics of the website, managed the communications with the outside hosting company with proper functionality and tested, and also developed much of the graphics and photography for the new website.

Navigation Maps



One of the game-changing features introduced in this new launch was ‘Light Speed Indexing,’ or LSI.  LSI is a series of filters associated with products that allow you to narrow down your selection through specific attributes.  I managed a team that went through all of our products and determined appropriate attributes to allow for a quick and universal filter system.  This feature allows customers to quickly sift through 10’s of thousands of products in a few clicks to find exactly what they’re looking for.


We placed website banners in various Industry websites in preparation of our launch:
We created and printed advertising posters and countersigns for our branches: