Fishman University was developed as an umbrella idea to house such projects as internal training, customer training, selling tools, and other industry-specific educational tools.  I was the co-founder of the Fishman University committee in the infancy stages and took the responsibility for development, execution, and implementation.

Follow the link to the right to view the most recent updates to the Playbook. I developed and built the entire site, generated all the graphics, created the support videos, and developed the copy throughout ‘The Playbook.’

The Fishman Playbook

After laying out the groundwork of what Fishman University would encompass, we developed Phase 1 – ‘The Fishman Playbook.’  The Playbook is a behavior-based selling tool that shifts the perspective of selling into 6 major categories:

  • Motivation – a unique power statement that sets your product apart from the rest
  • Efficiency – attributes of your product that bring ease, speed, or other advantages to your customer
  • Safety – the features of your product that offer or encourage safety in an applicable capacity
  • Environment – how your product contributes to sustainability
  • Return On Investment – the way in which your product can save the customer money in the long run
  • Revenue Generator – how your product can be considered an investment by the consumer

Our aim was to take the focus off of the features & benefits of a product, and shift the selling process to a manor of asking the right questions, analyzing their needs and desires, and then providing a solution by means of a valued product.  Knowing the specifications of your customers’ needs will narrow your offerings to a tight selection.  Now’s the time to beat the competition!

The features & benefits of your products can be viewed on any technical sales sheet.  We developed The Fishman Playbook to dissect products through power statements followed by probing questions.  This turns a direct presentation into a personal conversion.

Development of the Playbook 1.0 (early version interactive PDF)

The committee and I developed ‘Plays’ for our products by creating power statements and probing questions for each of the 6 categories listed above.  In an effort to include all necessary information and let The Playbook house all the appropriate information, we’ve included such things as features and benefits, product specifications and images for each ‘Play.’

I was then tasked with developing the collection of ‘Plays’ into an easy to use selling tool for our Inside & Outside Sales Reps.  As products were added and pages ran over 100+, I transformed this into a fully interactive PDF.  With a table of contents in the beginning, you can quickly select the product that you would like to see without the hassle of scrolling through multiple pages.  Interactive links throughout will also take you to Glossary definitions, Data Sheets, SDS Sheets and more.

As a PDF, our Reps are able to have it with them on their computers, iPads and phones and still access all the information seamlessly without internet connection.  Check out the video below to see it in action: