The Betsy Ross Hardwood Collection is a private label collection of Engineered Hardwood flooring for Fishman Flooring Solutions.  Our aim was to put a great emphasis on the story behind the product.  The wood is grown in America, harvested in America and is manufactured in a voluntary Prison Industry Enterprise program.  This program employs incarcerated individuals and has been proven to reduce recidivism rates from 50% to less than 10%.  They also earn wages that are apportioned by the state to help pay victims’ restitution, family and child support, room and board as well as contribute to personal savings.


For a product with such deep American roots, we decided to brand the products with patriotic themes. The Betsy Ross Collection consists of:

Lewis & Clark
Liberty Bell
Valley Forge
American Advantage

Product Launch

We had a blast launching this product to our marketplace.  You can see our Vendor Representatives in the photo to the right at Fishman’s 2017 sales meeting.  They dressed to impress!

In preparation for the launch, I developed all the logos, artwork, sample labels, sales flyers, promotional material, and other graphics.  You can see an example of the interactive PDF I created for our Business Managers to easily show off the beautiful room scenes.  You can click on each color swatch to go directly to the room scene.

UX (User Experience)

visual instructions for our Outside Reps

As end consumers view hardwood flooring samples from a display rack in a dealer’s showroom, it is difficult to imagine how that particular floor would look in a space. For this reason, we created QR code stickers for each color swatch that would take the customer directly to a room scene photo of that color installed.

Not only did this provide customers with a better buying experience, but it also allowed us to gather valuable data on their buying behaviors. Since I created dynamic tracking campaigns for each QR code, I was able to run analytic reports to see traffic from each scan.

The QR codes took users to the landing pages we developed below: